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Got (salvaged) wood? We do! Now it’s time to make the Boffice wall into a wood-paneled masterpiece.
Natural beauty = the best beauty! Show off the fantastic features you already have with some fun makeup
A big thank you to my dermatologist, Dr. David Lortscher of Curology, for being my guest on this special Pillow Talk (couch edition, hehe). We answer your questions on what causes pimples, how to prevent acne, and how to get rid of blemishes.
I let my friend Mark go to town on my makeup and it resulted in this pretty giggly video! How do you think he did?
Lots of painting, even more personality.
#NoFOMO fo sho! Who needs a festival when you can create all the lovely looks and good vibes in your home? Produced in association with Target.
Big achievement for Team Mr Kate: Adding "Ikea construction" to our resumes
Give your daily look a 1, 2 punch with some seriously sassy eye makeup. Produced in association with Target.
Turn that table ... into a treasure box with both nostalgia and style.
When is the last time you let your wild side out, flower child?
They say rabbit feet are good luck, so get yourself a dose in an adorably DIY way!
Thumbs up for more videos like this one! Lets get this video to 100,000 likes?!
Welcome to Team Mr. Kate and our next big renovation ... the office!
To the wanderers belong the earth, to the dreamers, the sky; to those who desire the mystical beauty of both, it is time to discover the Relic Collection
Whats pretty, pink, and the perfect project for your home? This DIY playroom makeover! Produced in association with Target.
Kiss those flower crowns goodbye because spring style has got a new go-to hair accessory!
Ryan talks virtual reality vs traditional filmmaking, balancing deadlines and his thoughts on the OSMO!
Join our girl gang and spice up your life with this sparkly party hair tutorial! Its an epic 90s DIY collab with The Sorry Girls!
The guys are in post-production on a project, so today, we look back at an older episode with a fun technique!
Ryan talks the meaning of native ISO, our next project, and our Casting process!
Lets get physical in a trio of looks that work everything but your wallet.
Ryan wont move his car for Josh...
The guys are in post-production on a project, so today, we look back at an older episode with a fun technique!
Ryan talks Film Riot Epic Summer 2016, it depends and his thoughts on making sequels!
Today, we give 3 tips for masking and roto!
Ryan talks his most difficult shots, his biggest movie pet peeve, and taking ideas and turning them into shorts!
Today, we test out software for composing music, made for people who cant compose music!
Ryan talks the oscars, the biggest challenges in his career and his greatest fear while filming!
Today, Josh Buys a slow motion explosion from amazon!
Ryan talks using auto focus, his thoughts on The Revenant, and working for Exposure!