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This time we go to Rincon, GA where I do a show for the Untited Way
A Bengleton Socks Episode that harkens back to the age of the Silent Film
The latest episode of the WEB TV Series that shows you the life of a touring comedian. This one rated PG-13 and lots of fun!!
This time we go on a tour of Florida
Mike Aloia interviews Comedian/Actor Brian T Shirley
Hey folks, this time BTS OTR goes to 2 country clubs in one weekend with Magician Glenn Strange!! Thanks to Bentwinds and Rolling Hills for having us!!
The first episode of season 2 from this shortform, comedicWEB Series.
Heres the 64th episode of the WEB TV series that shows you what its like to be a touring comedian.
We have 3 shows from 3 diferent venues.
This time we go to Anniston, GA for madness, mayhem and Comedy at The Happy Hour Comedy Club!!
A Comedy/Improv show for my church Holy Spirit Lutheran
The latest episode of the WEB TV series that shows you the life of a touring comedian
Whats Santa up to these days? Just in time for Christmas, the latest episode of Bengleton Socks!
This time we go back to the Comedy Cabana and a short film festival.
This time we go to Savannah, GA for a comedy competition
This is the third episode in this series. Theres a monster on the loose in the mountains stealing Bengleton Socks, be very afraid!!
This time we go to West VA. and Ohio
A new commercial for the fictional sock company Bengleton, the second video in this WEB Series
WARNING ADULT Language!!First we head to The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, NC with Steve Sabo & Lewis Bishop. Then some clips from Hurricane Matthew and the trip back home from Barnwell, SC to Chas, SC. A very special episode!!
We go to lake Arrowhead and a surprise guest from Hells Kitchen
BTS OTR goes to Atlanta and Birmingham. AL for TV and Stand-Up Comedy.
This time I show you a DJ gig for a corporate client, then its off to another Country Club for some stand-up comedy.
Got (salvaged) wood? We do! Now it’s time to make the Boffice wall into a wood-paneled masterpiece.
Natural beauty = the best beauty! Show off the fantastic features you already have with some fun makeup
Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld are back! In their first show since "Jake and Amir," the guys explore love and dating in 2016.
A big thank you to my dermatologist, Dr. David Lortscher of Curology, for being my guest on this special Pillow Talk (couch edition, hehe). We answer your questions on what causes pimples, how to prevent acne, and how to get rid of blemishes.
I let my friend Mark go to town on my makeup and it resulted in this pretty giggly video! How do you think he did?
Lots of painting, even more personality.
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